Deployment of HashiCorp Vault using Terraform

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Terraform deployment of HashiCorp Vault. This is a work in progress write-up and will change.


  • Terraform v0.12.26
  • SSH KeyPair creation (public key stored in compute\ec2\
  • AWS Profile with ample IAM permissions, with access key and secret access key stored in\credentials and labeled as:


  • AWS VPC deployment to (set in network\terraform.tfvars)

Includes the following components:

  • VPC

    aws_eip.nat aws_internet_gateway.main-igw aws_nat_gateway.main-natgw aws_route_table.PrivateRouteTable aws_route_table.PublicRouteTable aws_route_table_association.route_hcvault_Privatesubnet[0] aws_route_table_association.route_hcvault_Privatesubnet[1] aws_route_table_association.route_hcvault_Publicsubnet[0] aws_route_table_association.route_hcvault_Publicsubnet[1] aws_subnet.private_subnet[0] aws_subnet.private_subnet[1] aws_subnet.public_subnet[0] aws_subnet.public_subnet[1] aws_vpc.hcvault_vpc

  • EC2


  • Auto Scaling Group
  • Route 53 integration
  • Secrets Manager for HC Vault unlock key
  • Bastion host for EC2 instance in public subnet
  • Application Load Balancer for proper routing

Architecture target example