AWS re:Invent 2020 Andy Jassy Keynote annoucements!

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AWS re:Invent 2020 - Andy Jassy Keynote

Here’s a recap of what was announced in Andy Jassy’s 2020 AWS re:Invent Keynote; a lot of very exciting announcements to unpack here!


Amazon EC2 D3 and D3en

New storage optimized instances, ideal fit for workloads including distributed / clustered file systems, big data and analytics, and high capacity data lakes

Amazon EC2 Mac instances for macOS

Build & Test macOS, iOS, ipadOS, tvOS, and watchOS Apps

EC2 C6gn Instances

100 Gbps Networking with AWS Graviton2 Processors (Coming soon)

Amazon EC2 instances powered by Habana Gaudi

Specifically designed for training deep learning models

AWS Trainium

Custom machine learning (ML) chip designed by AWS that provides the best price performance for training ML models in the cloud

Amazon ECS Anywhere

Ability to run ECS clusters on-premise

Amazon EKS Anywhere (coming in 2021)

Ability to run EKS clusters on-premise

AWS Lambda Container Image Support

Package and deploy AWS Lambda functions as a container image of up to 10 GB

AWS Proton

Automated management for container and serverless deployments

Amazon EBS general purpose volumes gp3

Next-generation general purpose SSD volumes for Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) that enable customers to provision performance independent of storage capacity and provides up to 20% lower price-point per GB than existing gp2 volumes

io2 Block Express volumes

Next generation of Amazon EBS storage server architecture purpose-built to deliver the highest levels of performance with sub-millisecond latency

Amazon Aurora Serverless v2

Provides the ability to scale database workloads to hundreds of thousands of transactions in a fraction of a second. Instead of doubling capacity every time a workload needs to scale, it adjusts capacity in fine-grained increments to provide just the right amount of database resources for an application’s needs

Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

A SQL Server-compatible end-point for PostgreSQL to make PostgreSQL fluent in understanding communication from apps written for SQL Server

AWS Glue Elastic Views

Makes it easy to build materialized views that combine and replicate data across multiple data stores without you having to write custom code

Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler

Prepare data for machine learning

Amazon SageMaker Feature Store

A fully managed repository for machine learning features

Amazon SageMaker Pipelines

CI/CD service for machine learning

Amazon DevOps Guru

ML-powered cloud operations service to improve application availability

Amazon QuickSight Q

Answers Natural-Language Questions About Business Data

Amazon Connect Wisdom

Provides contact center agents the information they need to quickly solve customer issues

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

A unified view of your customers to provide more personalized service

Real-Time Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

Analytics to detect customer issues on live calls

Amazon Connect Tasks

Makes it easy to prioritize, assign, track, and automate contact center agent tasks

Amazon Connect Voice ID

Machine learning-based caller authentication

Amazon Monitron

Detect abnormal machine behavior and enable predictive maintenance

Amazon Lookout for Equipment

Detect abnormal equipment behavior by analyzing sensor data

AWS Panorama Appliance

Machine learning appliance that allows you to deploy CV applications to the edge when low latency and data privacy are required, and internet bandwidth is limited

AWS Panorama Device SDK

Powers the recently announced AWS Panorama Appliance

AWS Outposts 1U and 2U form factors

Rack-mountable servers that will provide local compute and networking services to edge locations that have limited space or smaller capacity requirements