Conjure CloudWatch metrics in the CLI!

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Visualizing CloudWatch Metrics in the command line using Node.js!


awscii allows for the ability to stay in the command line when troubleshooting or the desire to retrive AWS CloudWatch Metrics. This open-source tool displays your accounts CloudWatch metrics in an easy to digest, updatable way!


The following AWS services and related metrics are supported for awscii visualization. This is not a fully inclusive list of all monitored CloudWatch Metrics.

AWS Lambda

  • Invocations
  • Duration
  • Errors
  • Error count and success rate
  • Concurrent executions

Amazon DynamoDB

  • Read Capacity
  • Write Capacity
  • Throttled read events

Amazon API Gateway

  • Count
  • Latency
  • 4XXError, 5XXXError


  • Node.JS 12 or later
  • An AWS account
    • IAM permissions, granted via the AWS credentials to execute CloudWatch Metrics
    • Granular policy IAM policy shown below
 1  {
 2  "Version": "2012-10-17",
 3  "Statement":[{
 4      "Effect":"Allow",
 5      "Action":["cloudwatch:GetMetricStatistics","cloudwatch:ListMetrics"],
 6      "Resource":"*",
 7      "Condition":{
 8         "Bool":{
 9            "aws:SecureTransport":"true"
10            }
11         }
12      }
13   ]

Now, let’s see it in action!

Setup & Installation


First walkthrough


Using the Linux watch command paired with awscii



Thanks for reading! awscii is available for download on npm!