AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Professional - Study Guide

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As a follow up to my previous post regarding AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Associate study guide, I figured I’d provide an update.

Here are my key-takeaways for those interested in the AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Professional course:

  • It was long, like very long. It’s definitely an exercise in quick comprehension and elimination.
  • It was difficult, easily one of the hardest exams I’ve taken to date.
  • Most of the exams posted online only replicate about 20% of what will actually be on the exam.
  • Hands-on experience at this level is a MUST. Unlike the Architect: Associate, you must live & breath Amazon Web Services.

As a reference, here is the certification learning path for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect:

cert path

Here are the resources I used to study:

Also, there are things that I subscribe to on a daily basis that you don’t really think about. This helps me keep fresh on service updates, releases, etc:

  • Follow the Amazon Web Services Facebook & LinkedIn pages
  • Follow the AWS Twitter handle along with finding those who work for AWS and tweet daily about their service.

Otherwise that sums it up, thanks for reading!