AWS-CDK 1.150.0 now supports AWS-SSO!

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AWS SSO now supported in AWS-CDK v1.150.0


As of 03/26/2022 - aws-cdk v1.150 now supports AWS Single Sign On! Let’s walk through the impact, what it fixes and why it’s important.

What is AWS-CDK?

AWS-CDK is an open-source framework that enables you to deploy AWS resources developed in a preferred development language. Check out this AWS documentation out for additional information if you’re new to AWS-CDK.


AWS SSO (Single Sign On) allows for an organization to integrate with a supported identity provider. Additional information is provided here.

AWS-CDK v1.150.0

What it include?


Bug Fixes


Why does it matter?

AWS-CDK v1.* has struggled a bit with integrating with AWS-SSO. In the past, we’ve had to work around the issue - including using scripting to match the profile within ~\.aws\credentials to the aws-cdk profile and aws-cdk stack that we we plan to align with.

After effect

We can now use (once you upgrade as necessary to v1.150.0 aws-cdk and re-bootstrap your account & region as necessary) the following:

--profile example option to specify your AWS SSO configured profile


How do I use this new feature?

The below steps will help the process after you’ve configured an AWS SSO profile; learn more here.

  1. Authenticate using aws-sso via:

    aws sso login –profile example

  2. Utilize the AWS SSO profile by passing the profile name, for example:

    cdk ls –profile example